Doorway baby Jumpers – Info

Not to be confused with indoor swings, doorway jumpers are swings that are designed to actually hand in a doorway for babies and toddlers to jump up and down or swing in.  You hook it onto the door frame with a special spring loaded mechanism, toss your wee one into it and watch them bounce up and down and laugh and laugh and laugh.  Well, that is until the crying starts when the become overstimulated and they want to get out.  It’s hard to be little you know!

Both the Boys and the Princess went through a phase where they loved what we affectionately called the Wally Wumper, since when the out of control, the swing sometimes bounced against the door frame.

Apparently there was an original company called “Jolly Jumper” that might be no longer in business, at least in the sense that I can’t find any accurate information about them on the web, nor any place that actually has any of their products for sale.  I’m guessing they were bought by some other toddler swing manufacturer at some point.  Amazon has listing for a toddler bouncy seat from a “Jolly Jumper” company, but it’s long since unavailable…,have a peek at these guys.

There is always a debate whether any toy or item that helps a baby to stand up is good for their long term coordination and ability to learn to walk.  My take is that as long as they aren’t spending hours a day in it, it’s probably fine, especially for 15-30 minute stretches.  The sure do seem to get a kick out of them.

What are the top picks out there for doorway jumpers?  The undisputed king doorway jumper is the Graco Bumper Jumper.  Ours help up amazingly well through all three kids, and then easily fetched $15 at our yard sale at the beginning of the summer.  It’s sturdy, attaches easily to almost all door frames, has handles for the little one to hang on while bouncing and is easily adjustable.  Probably the best feature is the bumper car type rubber sidewall that goes all the way around the bouncer.  If there are any accidental wall impacts, they’re going to bounce right off. If budget is an issue and the $32 for the Graco is out of your toddler jumper price range, the next best is the Evenflo Jump Up.  At only $19.99, it’s a good value, but without the hard bumper sides, your little one might be in for some bumps on the wall.